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Technical Partners_

South Pole has a portfolio of Technical Partners that we work closely with to deliver the best project solutions for our clients. Below is a brief introduction to our focus technical partners, but please do not hesitate in contacting us to get a bigger picture of the solutions we can offer.


Supermicro is a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology and innovation – and importantly a pioneer when it comes to delivering servers on open platforms. Supermicro offers a very wide range of cost effective server solutions for basically all types of IT infrastructure. South Pole were one of Supermicro’s first partners in the Nordic region and we have been working together for over 15 years. With a strong partnership and extensive experience across a multitude of complex varied projects you can be sure of excellent project support.

Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox and South Pole have successfully worked together in the Nordic market around Infiniband since the introduction of Double Data Rate (DDR). This is an area that South Pole has significant experience in, being the go-to company in the region for this specialisation, with significant projects having been completed.Today our relationship with Mellanox has developed to included technical solutions such as Ethernet adapters as well as IP switching solutions that offer significant differentiation in the data centre world.

DDN Storage

DDN develops and delivers market-leading big data high performance storage solutions to the most demanding IT environments such as HPC, media and entertainment. DDN specialises in Data-Intensive environments. South Pole has been a focus partner with DDN in the Nordics for many years, where together we have delivered large storage systems to several of Sweden’s largest educational institutions. If you are dealing with big data, and need to capture, store, process, analyse and distribute that data efficiently, reliably and in a cost-effective manner, please talk to us about DDN.


Huawei is now one of the worlds leading ICT solutions providers having grown significantly in the past 15 years. The business has invested significantly within research and development, and along with South Pole, offers innovative solutions in the modern data center in the Server, Storage and Networking areas. As one of the Nordic countries’ first integration partners to Huawei, South Pole currently holds a Gold Partner status. If you would like to know more about Huawei’s extensive product portfolio please talk to us.


South Pole has a long history of partnering with Samsung for its market leading RAM memory and Solid State Discs (SSD). Samsung has consistently provided cutting edge technology levels and the highest quality, ensuring wherever Samsung is used within South Pole solutions, they always deliver.

Talk to us about our South Pole tailor made server solutions that utilise Samsung components as standard.


Intel is a powerful player in the IT and server world that has developed and delivered innovative solutions for over 40 years. We today offer the full range of Intel’s Server, Storage and Network portfolio. Both components and complete systems.

South Pole is today a Platinum partner and can also proudly be the only official HPC specialist in the Nordics to Intel.


HGST is South Pole’s preferred technical partner when it comes to traditional storage hard drives as well as providing enterprise SSD and NVMe product solutions.

Our collaboration with HGST enables us to offer South Pole customers the latest technology in both Hard Drives and Enterprise Flash.


Nvidia was created in the 1990’s to address the growth of the gaming market and its high-graphics requirements. The inventors of the GPU in 1999, Nvidia are today one of the market’s hottest and most innovative manufacturers of Graphics, GPU & AI solutions. Automation and Artificial intelligence are driving a creative market for Nvidia.

South Pole is one of the first Certified Nvidia partners in Sweden, and we have many years of experience in delivering Nvidia solutions.

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